Euro 2012 in Wroclaw

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Wroclaw will be one of the Euro 2012 Polish host cities. The city is trying to do its best to be ready for this large football event. The preparations are full steam ahead.

By 2012 Wroclaw is going to build or renovate over 30 km of city roads, mainly those in close proximity to the football stadium, connecting the stadium with the airport and the city’s ring road. The costs of road works were estimated at about 2,087 million pln, however they may be much higher.

Arena Wratislavia

A modern football stadium is being built at Wroclaw’s Maslice housing estate, at Drzymaly St. It will be in the shape of a Chinese lantern. The project is planned to be completed by 2010. The cost is about 466 million pln. The stadium will meet all the UEFA requirements. Apart from the playing field, the complex will feature a fitness centre, offices, conference halls, restaurants, pub with a disco as well as a casino and the Museum of Slask Wroclaw football club.

The stadium will be connected with the city centre with a modern tram line (route: (Gaj - Huby - city centre - Kozanow - Pilczyce).

Other investments preparing Wroclaw for Euro 2012

  • Modernization of the Railway Station and its surroundings,
  • The construction of an integrated communication junction in close proximity to the football stadium,
  • Modernization and redevelopment of the Wroclaw airport, which is going to build a new terminal. In 2010 the airport will be able to serve 2 milion passengers and in 2012- 4.5 million.
Hotel infrastructure

At the moment Wroclaw offers 39 hotels and 69 other accommodation palces. By 2012 Wroclaw is planning to build five new hotels including 5* Hilton, 5* Monopol (Likus Hotel & Restaurant), 5* Rialto, 4* Metropol, 4* Profi Plaza and others. The new investments will give 7 000 hotel places.

In 2012 Wroclaw is going to have about 30 000 hotel places and the next 23 000 football supporters will find accommodation within 2 hour journey from the city.

The hotel infrastructure will meet UEFA reguirement and it will include:

2 hotels for UEFA representatives
2 hotels for football teams
hotels for national teams
hotels for media and sponsors
hotels by the training centres

Wroclaw will also provide Fan Zones, which will be zones for football supporters. They will be created in several locations across the city for over 130 000 people. The sites will be safe and equipped with large outdoor screens. They will include:

Mass zones
1. Pola Marsowe for 30 000 fans
2. Partynice for 30 000 fans

Local zones

3. Hala Ludowa (Ludowa Hall)for 6 000 fans
4. Hala Orbita (Orbita Hall) for 6 000 fans

VIP zones

5. Wyspy Slodowa i Bielarska (Slodowa and Bielarska Islands)
6. Ogrod Japonski (Japanese Garden)

The largest zone at the heart of the City
7. The Main Square for 60 000 fans
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