Sightseeing the Old Town

 The best idea is to start the sightseeing of the city centre from walking round the Market Square. It is here in the Market Square that the cobbled streets, horse-drawn carriages, open-air restaurants create a special atmosphere attracting tourists all year round.The Market Square of Wroclaw is the main square of [...]

Top City Attractions

Wroclaw is one of Poland's most beautiful cities with splendid historic buildings. It is also a busy cultural centre. Thus, the city has a lot to offer to tourists. There is a wide choice of tourist attractions to choose from. While in Wroclaw, one has to see the Market Square with [...]

Wroclaw - a Multi-religious City

In the abundance of the churches of Wroclaw , the Roman Catholic ones constitute the vast majority. In the very city of Wroclaw there are as many as 72 of them. The largest collection of sacred buildings can be found on Cathedral Island which is also considered to be the oldest [...]

Wroclaw - the City of Bridges

Wroclaw - picturesquely situated on 12 islands connected by 112 bridges - is often referred to as ‘’Lower Silesian Venice.’’ Before World War II within the city boundaries there were as many as 303 bridges and footbridges. Nowadays taking into account modern criteria i.e. all the river bridges, canal bridges, footbridges over [...]

Wroclaw - the City of Jewish Cemeteries

The city of  Wroclaw boasts not only ''The White Stork'' Synagogue but two Jewish cemeteries as well. The older one situated at 37/39 Slezna Street is at the same time the Museum of the Cemetery Art (the branch of the City Museum of Wroclaw). The cemetery covers the area of 4.6 [...]

Wroclaw - the City of Parks

Wroclaw, with 25 square meters of green area per person, is said to be the greenest city of Poland. The green areas cover approximately 5,000 hectares, which makes up about 17 % of the total city area. The parks are among the largest of them.The green areas in the centre which [...]

Wroclaw Region Tourist Attractions

St. Hedwig's Basilica and Monastery in Trzebnica Trzebnica - a small town situated 25 km north of Wroclaw – is full of architectural monuments. The most famous one is the former Abbey of Cistercian nuns founded in 1202 by Duke Henry the Bearded and his wife St. Hedwig who after her [...]
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